one coin walking tour

with local tour guides!

Make friends while discovering unique points and stories of some of the most popular spots in Tokyo!

Our guides are licensed by the Japanese government, and by our request agreed to guide our guests about the wonders of Tokyo, so make sure you don't miss it!

How to join the tour?

Come to the front desk to complete the registration and the payment by 9 pm of the day before the tour you wish to join with the front desk staff.

Time : 10am - 12pm


Participation fee:  ¥500 / person


Discover one of the most famous and traditional area in Tokyo with guide. Asakusa is the spot you cannot miss in your Tokyo trip.

Guide: Yoshi

Hi, I’m Yoshi. I will guide you with my utmost hospitality for your pleasant and memorable travel in Japan.

tsukiji market

Enjoy wonderful season’s marine delicacies such as fresh tuna, oyster, crab, sea urchin etc.. You can also taste Japanese egg omelet, Japanese sake and Daifuku sweets. Keep your stomach open on Thursday morning!

Guide: Sachiko

Hi I’m Sachiko. I lived in London when I was a kid. I worked Advertising industry for 40 years. Looking forward to talking with you!

weekly event

Visit one of the most famous shrines visited by worshippers all throughout Japan. Go to souvenir shop where you can get almost everything related to Japan.

Guide: Teiko

free event
Rakugo in english
(japanese sit-down comedy)

What is Rakugo?

A storyteller sits on a floor cushion on the high stage. He acts out several characters by changing the tone and turning his head to help the audience know who is speaking to whom.A Rakugo performer uses only the fan and hand towel as a prop.


Once a month

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